Kroger Ammonia Safety Initiative
Nationwide Consulting & Construction Management Services
Accidental releases of ammonia from refrigerated facilities can result in injury or death to employees. Bluestone Construction was contracted to provide preliminary engineering and construction services for Kroger's nationwide Ammonia Safety Initiative project.
Client: The Kroger Company

Completion Date: March 2016

17 Nationwide
Refrigerated Distribution Centers

Over 640,000 lbs of Ammonia in use
The general goals of the Ammonia Safety Initiative project were to enhance or upgrade the ammonia refrigeration systems at all Kroger refrigerated distribution centers:
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Project Data
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Program implementation included:
1. Reduce the risk of harm to personnel caused by an ammonia leak.

2. Minimize or prevent damage to the building and equipment caused by an ammonia leak.
1. Providing means to activate an emergency shut-down of the entire ammonia refrigeration system either manually, by pushing an E-Stop button, or automatically utilizing the input from a "high-level" Ammonia (NH3) Sensor located in the ammonia compressor room of the facility.

2. Providing electro-mechanical King Valves on all high pressure liquid ammonia lines that directly feed to other equipment by the use of pressure and close those valves in the event of an emergency shutdown.

3. Providing NH3 sensors in all major rooms or areas within the distribution center where ammonia refrigeration equipment is in use to monitor for ammonia leaks.

4. Providing a means to notify and evacuate major rooms or areas where ammonia refrigeration is located in the event of a major lea.

5. Providing automatic communication to an off-site monitoring company, a guard shack or directly to refrigeration maintenance personnel in the event the NH3 sensors detect a leak.

Bluestone Construction qualitative analyzed the risk at each facility and made recommendations for upgrades to improve the safety of each individual ammonia refrigeration components. Using qualified construction person, Bluestone Construction completed the RFP process as the owner's agent and secured the required contractors for upgrades at each facility. Our qualified personnel were on site during construction and tested each facility before completion of the project.
The process Safety Management and Process Safety manuals were revised as necessary and new Process and Identification Diagrams were developed for the system.
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