Kroger High Voltage Conductor Upgrade
Layton, Utah
The Kroger Layton, UT complex consists of seven major buildings. These buildings were being feed by 12,470 volt underground high voltage conductors, some of which had been in service for over forty years. The existing conductors had become unreliable and continued to cause outages.
Client: The Kroger Co.

Completion Date: May 2009

A large majority of the products manufactured and stored at the Smith's Layton facility are perishable. Any extended electrial outages can be devastating. Bluestone Construction was hired to install all new underground high voltage conductors and abandon the existing. Bluestone installed 3,180 lineal feet of new 6” underground conduit via traditional excavation procedures and installed 2,910 lineal feet of new 6” conduit utilizing directional boring procedures. Over 24,000 lineal feet of 1,000 kcmil conductor wire was pulled and successfully terminated.

Existing gas lines, water lines, electrical lines, sewer lines and sprinkler lines feed the site and each of the existing buildings and had to be crossed a multitude of times. The work was completed in 82 calendar days and with no unscheduled shutdowns and zero injuries.
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