Variable Speed Drive Initaitive
The Kroger Co. employed Bluestone Construction to provide turnkey construction services for replacement of conventional, fixed speed motors with Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on refrigeration and other equipment in this multi-site, nationwide program.
Client: The Kroger Company

Completion Date: 2011 - 2013
In standard system designs, electric motors operate at a fixed speed and consume nearly 100% of the motor's power even when it is not required. Over the past several years, Bluestone Construction was contracted by The Kroger Co to manage the retrofit installation of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on refrigeration equipment as well as other equipment through-out several distribution centers nationwide. These VSDs allow the speed of the motor to change to match load or demand requirements and reduce the electrical power consumed.

Bluestone Construction provided turnkey construction services a majority of the projects including the development of the Request for Proposal documents, qualification of bidders and coordination, evaluation of bids and research on available utility rebates or incentives. Working closely with the Kroger Logistics Engineering personnel, sub-contractors were selected to perform the work based on the value of the services being offered while passing both direct and incentive savings through Kroger. Bluestone Construction assisted the client with coordination and contract development. They also compiled standard closeout documents including contractor warranty forms and O&M Manuals.
Project Data
Environmental Impact:
4,246 Tons of CO2 reduction
3,480 Acres of Trees Saved
8,450 Cars Removed
475,998 Gallons of Gasoline saved
9,874 Barrels of Oil Saved
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Upon completion of each project, Bluestone Construction worked with the local electric utility provider to complete the documentation requirements for sites where incentives or rebates were determined to be available. The VSD projects were very successful; resulting in significant annual energy savings at each site. The VSD projects were completed within budget constraints providing the client with a return on investment that met or exceed project requirements.

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