At Bluestone Construction, our mission is to be the front-runner in the design and construction of retail, commercial and warehousing distribution and related facilities. Bluestone Construction is thoroughly committed to providing leadership and support for both clients and end users in a way that guarantees success in the design and construction of projects with a standard of excellence that far exceeds industry norms.
Jim Laswell, M.E.

Jim is responsible to oversee the day to day operations of various construction management projects including multiple energy management programs. All construction personnel report to Jim.
Gary A. Hook, P.E.
Chief Operating Officer

Experienced in overall project management, Gary is responsible for the technical and financial business operations of Bluestone Construction and is often involved in project start-up management. All administrative staff report directly to Gary.
• Employ the finest, most qualified personnel to ensure the highest level of service and professionalism.

• Direct, empower and support each employee with the skills and training necessary to succeed above and beyond expectations.

• Create a work environment that is conducive to providing a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.

• Help foster community development within and around our work environment and our projects.
To accomplish our mission, Bluestone Construction will:
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• Communicate openly and freely among all levels within and without the organization by establishing an ongoing “open door” policy.

• Explore all suitable alternate solutions to specific problems encountered by our clients while remaining sensitive to their program schedule and financial needs.

• Respond promptly and accurately to the ever-changing needs of our clients by continuously researching and maintaining a leading edge position with respect to technology and training
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