The Kroger Company - Manufacturing Facilities
Nationwide Construction Managment Services
Bluestone Construction provided complete, turn-key, construction management services for the retrofit of the lighting system for 30 of Kroger’s food manufacturing facilities. These facilities included bakeries, dairies, beverage canning and dough production plants encompassing over 4.5 million square feet of building area.
Client: The Kroger Company

Completion Date: December 2008

Size: 4,544,000 Sq. Ft.
The scope of the services for the lighting retrofits started with a comprehensive energy analysis of each facility’s lighting system, existing light fixtures, existing lighting controls (if any), historical energy usage, current energy costs and operational lighting requirements. From this analysis, Bluestone Construction provided a design for the retrofit and control of the light fixtures in the facility, estimated construction costs for fixture replacement and calculated the anticipated energy cost savings. The primary component of the retrofit involved replacing HID and HPS fixtures with energy efficient T-12 fluorescent fixtures controlled by a motion sensor on each fixture. The energy cost savings included both the direct costs for operation of the light fixtures themselves as well as the indirect costs for reduction in cooling loads for the facility. Bluestone also investigated government and utility company incentives for each location.

A return on investment (ROI) was developed for each facility using the projected capital improvement investment for the lighting retrofit and the projected energy cost savings. The ROI ranged from 17% to 111%, with an overall average of approximately 30%.

Once each project was approved, Bluestone managed the purchase of the lighting fixtures and their replacement within the facility. Bluestone coordinated the work with operations management at the facility so that the continued production operations was not impacted.

Environmental Impact:
20,400,000 KWH/year savings
15,800 Tons of CO2 reduction
2,500 Acres of Trees Saved
2,730 Cars Removed
1,580,000 Gallons of Gasoline saved
37,800 Barrels of Oil Saved
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