Bluestone Construction offers a wide variety of Construction Management and General Construction services and is recognized for our capacity to deliver quality projects on time and within financial constraints. Bluestone Construction has competitively bid projects against some of the largest firms in the country and has repeatedly won projects based upon not only cost but project team expertise.
Construction Cost Estimating
The ability of a company to plan is the most important aspect of development in the corporate environment. Being able to accurately plan the cost of the project provides the client with the ability to set their budget and maintain a consistent financial commitment to the company officials. We provide a comprehensive estimate on which the client can base the expenditures of his/her project and help in the tracking of the project costs through closeout.

Construction Documents
Using the latest version of AutoCAD, Bluestone Construction produces a set of documents that can be tailored to meet the needs of the client’s planning department. The technology that comes with E-mail and computers allows these documents to be sent from office to office and revised within hours, providing a bid set that is complete and up-to-date, reducing costly change orders.

Contract Administration
Bluestone Construction’s construction personnel are experienced in the day-to-day construction environment and frequently serve as the owner's representative on many projects for our clients. Their ability to reliably produce projects on schedule and on budget across the country affords the client the comfort of confidence on a project that may not have had the resources to be properly supervised by the client.

Design / Build Construction
Bluestone Construction has the staff and capabilities to provide a full-service design build project. With a staff of experienced construction personnel, the company can provide on-site construction services and/or act as an on-site representative for the client. This flexibility has proven effective for those quick and unforeseen projects.
Design Review & Analysis
Bluestone Construction has provided this service for clients who need the help and expertise of a design professional, but are not in the position to have that service in-house. Services include project estimates, document review and program analysis.

Land Master Planning
Bluestone Construction’s team of architects and designers provide the client with the flexibility and options in their design development phases that allow the client the most practical use of time and cost. With the team of engineering designers, the product that Bluestone Construction delivers is complete and easily coordinated into the other design professional’s scope of work.

Project Cost Accounting
Depending on the project approach, if desired by the owner/client, Bluestone Construction offers full project cost accounting with full visibility into the overall project cost to as much detail as required.

Site Selection & Acquisition
The due diligence process provides the client with the best information available to make the decisions needed to develop a given site. This process is the basis for the entire project. It provides the design professionals and the owner’s representative with a foundation that they can reference for their programming needs and design parameters while giving the real estate and financial committee the scope of their projected expenditures.

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